• Whip Bag


    or 4 payments from $18.75 with Afterpay

    The Whip Bag has been Made in Australia and will hold up to 6 whips. With nice lining inside it will keep your whips protected when traveling. The pouch on the outside is designed to store your leather conditioner, crackers & string, and tools. Also it has a space to write your name on the outside. This way you will never loose your whips at a competition! Available in Biege(Pictured), Black, Hot Pink & Camo. We also have the Bullock Whip Bags available that will fit a 5ft handle and whip thong.
  • Whip Crackers


    or 4 payments from $3.50 with Afterpay

    These poly/synthetic whip crackers are handmade by our craftesmen by twisting two lengths of our Whipcrackers String together.
  • Whip Repair & Maintenance Kit


    or 4 payments of $15.00 with Afterpay

    The Whip Repair & Maintenance Kit has everything in it that you need to keep your whips in good working order.
  • Whipcrackers String


    or 4 payments of $1.50 with Afterpay

    This Whipcrackers String is the same string used to tie our Whip Crackers.  Instructions are on the packet for learning how to tie a cracker. The string is available in 4 colours.
  • “Highcountry” Laced Leather Breastplate


    or 4 payments of $48.75 with Afterpay

    This unique "Highcountry" genuine leather laced breastplate has been handcrafted in Tasmania by our fine craftsmen.
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