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The current Store in Spreyton, Tasmania (EST. 2019)

Simon Martin Whips New store in Spreyton

The Original Store on Formby Rd (EST. 2004)

Original Simon Martin Whips & Leathercraft Store

Simon Martin Whips & Leathercraft was founded in April 2004 by then 22-year-old Simon.

From what started out as humble beginnings in his parent’s garage in 2004, Simon then opened a retail/manufacturing outlet in Devonport, Tasmania, Australia and 3 years later employed Australia’s only whipmaker apprentice at that time.

Simon says “People were sick and tired of cheap overseas imports and I found customers were very happy to pay extra to buy quality Australian made products. If it wasn’t for this we wouldn’t be in business now. I’m thankful to all of our customers that keep coming back which has allowed us to expand the range of retail products we offer. The fact we stand 100% behind in whatever we do or sell has helped our business immensely.”

Simon began the business focused on manufacturing his own brand of products but the retail store now includes a huge range of products, both imported and Australian made, but still focusing on quality. The store sells well-known brands including RM Williams & Akubra and has become a popular tourist destination in the Devonport/Latrobe area for young and old.

Whips purchased on this website may not be made by Simon unless requested. If you would like Simon to custom make a whip for you then please visit www.whipmaker.com.au. Simon currently has nearly a 2 year wait time for orders.


1994 – Simon first learnt leatherwork at highschool with teacher Trevor Barrenger (dec 2003.)

2002 – Simon began whipmaking as a hobby

2004- Simon went fulltime whipmaking in his parents garage at the age of 21.

2004 – Won Best Craft Exhibitor at AGFEST. (again in 2009)

2005 – Opened the original store in Devonport (just 60sq meters and in 2019 expanded to 240sq meters)

2007- Simon was presented with a Level 4 Australian Trade Certificate in Whipmaking/Saddlery

2007 – Simon was awarded with 1st Place and “Standard of Excellence” award at the Royal Easter Sydney Show.

2008 – First apprentice and staff member employed

2014 – 10th years of Stalls at AGFEST.

2019 – Opened current store in Spreyton and now employing 6 staff. (Currently 600square meters) William is our first staff member to complete 10 years of service for us.

2020 – Registered as an “Australian Made” Business.

2021 – Purchased a 1999 Dennis Dart 10mt Bus to turn into a mobile store. (On the road soon).

Staff Photo 2020

The Team @ Simon Martin Whips & Leathercraft

Simon & Sophie Martin

Simon & Sophie Martin (Owners)

Simon - Head Craftsman Founder & Managing Director,

Sophie - Simon's Wife, Admin, & Director

Simon spends most of his time making custom made kangaroo whips or little jobs that need doing on the spot. He also likes to get sometime to help customers in the store. Sophie is a home mum (to 4 young children), does the banking run and loves to open any stock that arrives in.
Andrew - Craftsmen for Simon Martin Whips

Andrew (Maker 1)

Craftsman Whipmaker

Andrew was our 1st apprentice in 2008 and had a time away from Devonport before returning to work for us in 2018. He works full-time as a mechanic but drops in to help us out when we are behind on orders. Andrew loves making matched pairs of Latigo Stockwhips and is always up for a chat to any customer.

William (Maker 2)

Master Craftsman & Head Saddler

William started his apprenticeship with us in 2010 and has continued working with us since then, although he did explore outback Australia for a time. He is a talented horseman and craftsman. He is responsible for making our saddles and he loves a challenge in making any custom made leatherwork.
Patrick - Distribution Manager for Simon Martin Whips


Distribution Manager

Patrick is our jokes man and keeps us laughing all day. Responsible for invoicing and sending out all our stock. He has been with us since 2016 and while he recons he’ll never be able to punch a hole in a belt straight, he loves his job.

Bonnie (Maker 3)

Master Craftsmen

Bonnie started with us in 2018 just helping pack orders partime. Now 4 years into the job she has become one of our Master Craftsmen and can turn her hand to any leatherwork. She loves designing new handbags and is also aiming to become a Taxidermy expert.

Abbey (Maker 4)

Retail Manager & Craftsmen

Abbey began working with us in 2019 as our Retail Manager and enjoys being a part of our event stalls. After 2 years working with us she has become passionate about leatherwork and hopes to one day become one of our Master Craftsmen. Abbey makes most of our belts and often likes to make 1 off pieces. She also loves to do our Instagram and Facebook posts.


Simon's Personal Secretary

Deb began working with us in 2020 and has been a great help in reducing Simon’s email load so that he can get back to his work bench. Deb will mostly been seen tapping away at the keyboard or laughing at Pat’s jokes.


Retail Assistant

Cassandra began with us early 2022 and has begun a Cert III in retail which she hopes to complete in 12 months time. If you visit our store it will most likely be Cassandra that will greet you with a smile when you arrive. When time allows she is busy adding more products onto our website or unpacking stock that has arrived.


Craftesman (Maker 5)

Jeramie began learning leatherwork as a hobby and was one of our customers for a number of years. While working part-time with us making stockwhips since early 2021, he also has his own business. One day he is hoping there is enough work for him to be full-time with the “team”.

Staff Photo 2019

Picture of our staff family at the old shop

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