• These Veg Tanned Kangaroo Leather Skins are classed as 3rd Grade skins and are available in 5 colours. (sized between .48 and .59 of a square meter in area and approx. 1mm thickness) If you wish to purchase more than 4 skins please contact us as we give a discount.
  • These belt blanks are great for a beginner making their first belt. Can be easily stamped, carved or dyed to get the finish you want.
  • The kangaroo leather lacing / thonging is the strongest leather in the world for it's thickness. Used by jewellery makers, belt makers and other leathercrafters all around the world. Its available in 3mm, 4.7mm & 6mm widths and the thickness on all is approx 1mm. Spools of 75mts are available on request. 22 colours available.  The variation photos is representative of colour only and not widths.
  • These 3.5mm to 4mm cowhide shoulders are the perfect hide for a beginner making belts or wanting to learn to carve. Vegetable tanned Natural but can easily apply dies or finishes. Sizes vary between 10 to 12 sq ft and they do have a few marks on them.